Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Apache Asks Advice

Hi everybuddy!

It's me, Apache. I know what you may be thinking -- this is a cat blog! Why is this dog here? Well, I wanted to ask some advice from you feline types. My question is...

Why won't Rosie, Kaleb, and Teal'c play with me?

I'm a nice girl.

I have big ears for listening.

Big teeth for chomping smiling.

And come on, look at me. I'm fabulous. But they never want to play. I try to chase them, but they  run. I bark at them (how else am I supposed to talk?) and I'm met with hisses every time. They even swat me when I walk by. How can I make myself more approachable?


P.S. Please overlook all the stuffs in the background. The human baby had a birthday recently and all the toys still haven't been unpacked. The upside to the human baby is that I steal his toys sometimes and make them my own.


The Island Cats said...

Apache, you look like a nice woofie. Here's the can't force us cats into playing...we play at our own pace, when we want and how we want. So be patient...don't chase them, don't bark at them...and we bet they will want to play with you then!

Country Cats said...

That's what Mom always says. "Don't chase the cats, Apache. Use your inside voice, Apache." Who knew moms could be right? Thanks, Island Cats!

meowmeowmans said...

Poor Apache! We feel for you, buddy. Our pals the Island Cats are right. If you just play it cool with the kittehs, we're pretty sure they'll come around and play with you. :)

Willow said...

Apache you have to let them come to you us cats can be skittish as we are very small. You sound like a good doggie and if you follow the Island Cats advice soon you will have three kitty furiends

Oui Oui said...

Have you heard of scaredy cats? That is every cat! No chasing, barking, fast moves and don't show your teeth, even when you are just smiling. Sooner or later they will trust you and then maybe play.

Julie Baugh said...

It's a shame they won't play but perhaps they will come round in time. Maybe your humans will play with you in the meantime.

Country Cats said...

Thanks for the advice, furiends! The humans play with me lots, but the cats seem like more fun to me. I'll try to play nicer!