Thursday, January 1, 2009

Trophy Room

We got the idea for a "Trophy Room" from Milo & Alfie. Cool idea, huh? This we will use to display all our fabulous awards (we love attention!). Click on the award picture to go to the post with the details.

Rosie was one of the Grand Prize Winners in Skeezix's 2009 Valentine's Day Contest!

Our first award from Finny at Housecat Confidential! We received it again from our lovely friend Grrreta.

Second award from Peffe and LussieShadow/Molly and Milo & Alfie

Awesome Award #3 - The You Made My Day Award given to us by the Cat Street Boyz

We won an Acatemy Award for Best Western Movie Poster for our entry Kitty Kitty Bang Bang.

The Cat Street Boyz and Cliff & Olivia gave us the Kreative Blogger Award!

Millie gave us the Lemonade Award!

The Kitty City Gazette gave us this wonderful award. Don't forget to visit their site to read the latest breaking news and juiciest kitty gossip.