Saturday, January 3, 2009

Meet Kaleb

Hello. My name is Kaleb and I have been with Mommie and Daddie since May 2003. Before I came to them, I lived with a nice lady named Stacey but she couldn't keep me anymore. She tried her bestest to find me a good home and she did! I missed Stacey at first but I soon grew to love Mommie and Daddie too and I am grateful for all of them for caring so much about me. I was their first cat, then came my sister Rosie, and my brudder Teal'c.

Now on to the fun stuff...all the cool things you want to know about me. I'm considered a long hair but my brudder Teal'c has hair much longer than mine. I've got a big fluffy tail though. Whenever I go to the vet (shudders), the ladies always tell me what a handsome boy I am and that I have the bestest, prettiest, fluffiest tail they've ever seen. I'm proud of my tail. I have green eyes and lots of colors in my furs. Mostly black and gray and brown, with a white belly though. I am not a lap cat at all. My parents try to hold me so I let them for a few minutes a day but mostly I keep to myself. When I am feeling bad, though, I let them snuggle me all they want. Snuggles make me better.

Here are some things that I like so you can get to know me better:

-Climbing. I climb on everything I can. I even get on top of open doors and do a cool balancing act. Mommie gets scared when I do that, though, and she makes Daddie get me down because she's too short.

-Cat treats. I have never tried a kitty treat that I didn't like. My Mommie has also found me in her treats, too. I especially like marshmallows but I am scolded every time I am caught sniffing around them now.

-Face snuggles. My Mommie picks me up in just the right way and snuggles her face against the top of my head and it is the best way to be held ever. Daddie doesn't have it quite right.

-Water from the faucet. I don't like water in my water dish. It just doesn't taste as good. I will only drink running water from the tap because I am a sophisticated kitty.

That's a little about me. Now Rosie wants to tell you all about her and she can be a nag sometimes so I'll let her get to it. Bye, pals!