Monday, January 26, 2009

Grooming & Sleeping

We have not been very nice about posing for Mommy lately. She has even tried treats, but those only work on the boys because I do not eat treats of any kind. And the boys will not hold still for them, they just snatch them out of her hand. She has resorted to trying to get pictures at my worst times now so I may rethink the posing because these are not very flattering.

First, she took this picture of me while I was bathing.

Then she made this video of me while I was trying to sleep! She always says Rosie you purr so loudly. I think you can hear it in this video. She was actually trying to film me growling in my sleep but I stopped just in the nick of time.

And finally, here I am playing with her camera strap. Actually, I tried to pull the flashy thing from her hands but she is a little bit stronger than me.

Mom asked me add that if anyone has any tips for getting kitties to pose, please let her know.


agreablement said...

wow beautiful cats!
ciao dall'Italia
amo i gatti come te

Goldie, Shade and Banshee said...

We tend to want to sniff the camera if it gets too close so photoshoots here are pretty much "get in quick" moments with not much talking on the PM's part.

She also says she feels like she should have the camera around here neck all the time as the moments are few and far between!


The Meezers said...

hahahahaha. whenefur mommy brings out the flashy box, I make sur to always turn my head at the last second so that she only gets pikshurs of the back of my head - Sammy

Milo and Alfie said...

Mom is always taking "nearly" pictures of us!

Cheysuli and gemini said...

I run and hide to make it more challenging for the Woman. At the very least I stop whatever cute stuff I was doing or do it very fast so that everything is a blur!

Anonymous said...

We don't like to pose either! And our Mama is distraught because Tristan won't wear any of the new outfits we gave her for Christmas. We just want to do what we want to do!

Daisy said...

I heard you purring! That last photo looks awesome! If treats do not work, you can try having your mom hold a really enticing toy above your head. Sometimes, instead of treats, we use a Cat Dancer. Also, we take LOTS of photos and just use a few of the best ones. Sometimes, we might take as many as 50 photos, and then use just 2 of them.

DEBRA said...

When Momma takes out the camera I bow my head...I'm not a model.


Country Cats said...

Thanks for the comment everybuddy and Mom says thanks for the tips, Daisy!

Milo, Alfie and da Mom said...

Alfie Said: The last picture is gorjuss with that little paw in view! Mom said she would be thrilled to have taken that one.

Mom's tip: Wait until they are feeling sleepy then get the camera out. And make sure the enticing strap is tucked out of the way in your hand. A few treats is good too in order to distract.

Milo said: I agree wiv da treats bit a lot!