Saturday, January 3, 2009

Meet Teal'c

Howdy. Teal'c here. I am a longhair, just gray and white and I'm a little chubby but mostly I just look that way because of all my furs. I am part Maine Coon but I don't know the other part. I came to Mommie and Daddie from Daddie's sister. She was in medical school and it was time for her to do rotations and she had to travel all over. So while I would have liked to be with her, I don't like traveling. She asked Mommie and Daddie to keep me while she finished medical school. She finished a long time ago, but I am still here with Mommie and Daddie and I don't mind. I like it here because I have a brudder and a sister and before I was all alone. I have been living with Mommie and Daddie for almost 3 years now, so I'm pretty sure that I'm staying. My old mommie comes to visit sometimes though and it's nice to see her.

I got my name because it's a manly name. Don't you think so? Teal'c. I like it. Ok, I'll be honest and tell all yous a story, but don't laugh. When my old mommie first got me, she thought I was a girl. She had named me Baby. Baby, can you believe it? I don't know why she thought I was a girl because I'm obviously very manly. Anyway, when she took me to the vets to get fixed, he told her I was a boy and I was already fixed. Finally, she saw the error of her ways and renamed me the bestest name she could think of.

When I first came to live with Mommie and Daddie, Rosie didn't like me. She can say it was tuff luvs all she wants to be she was a mean, mean girl. She is the only one of us that has claws on her front paws and she used them to scratch up my handsome face. Mommie and Daddie did their best to keep her away from me, but she would chase me while they were gone and she's so fast. Now we get along ok though and I don't have any more scratchies on my nose. It's nice to not have a scratched up face anymore.

Me and Kaleb always got along. He is the greatest brudder in the world. We luvs to wrestle and sometimes Mommie thinks we are hurting each other but it's just boys being boys, as Daddie says. Kaleb has some good moves, but I have very strong back legs so usually I win. I let him win sometimes, though, since he's the oldest, my big brudder.

I like a lot of the things that Kaleb likes (treats and running water) but my absolute FAVORITE thing in the whole wide word is napping. I take lots and lots of naps, the mostest of any of us. While Mommie works on her laptop (taking away my preferable napping spot), I lay beside her on the sofa arm and sleep. And then I sleep some more. And then I top that off with a little nap. It's a good life here. I like to play with toys once in a while, too, but not as much as Rosie does. She is hyper. She does this spider-cat move on the furniture that I can't do because I came to Mommie and Daddie declawed.

The only thing I don't like much is baths. Mommie has to give me baths though because I have sensitive flaky skin and she has to use special shampoos to make me not itchy. I still don't like it though. I hope you liked reading our stories!


Tink said...

Teal'c is a great name! Are your humans Stargate-fans?