Saturday, January 3, 2009

Meet Rosie

Hi there. My name is Rosie. I'm kinda shy - a bit of a 'fraidy cat really but I have been getting braver over the years. My Mommie and Daddie adopted me from a shelter when I was about 6 months old. I still remember that day clearly. Mommie had wanted to get a brudder or sister for Kaleb because he was a terror and needed some company to keep him busy. When Mommie walked into the shelter that day, I just knew she'd be the one. Daddie was looking around at all the prettier cats (don't worry, I forgive him for this now) while Mommie came straight to my cage. She said "oh my, look what big ears she has!" She said it in a nice way, like she thought it was cute, so I didn't mind. She put her fingers through the holes in the cage and and petted my face and I was sooooooo happy! I was banging my head against the cage trying to get closer to her fingers, I wanted her to pet me so bad!

My Mommie said, on the spot, "I want this one." Daddy said "are you sure?" I know I wasn't much to look at then. I came from a bad home and wasn't fed very well and had the sickies, too. So I don't blame him. But Mommie said "I'm sure. Look at her, she's trying so hard!" And I was, too. Daddie can't resist when Mommie sets her mind to something, so they wrapped me up in a blanket and carried me to the car after they signed the papers. They are silly and forgot the cat carrier but the nice shelter people let them take me anyway because they only lived 3 minutes away. Even though I was happy Mommie chose me, I was also scared to go to a new place. I had moved around lots and cars aren't fun. I snuggled my face between Mommie's arm and tummy and howled and howled for the three minutes it took to get home.

When they got me home and put me down, I ran and hid. I know, I know, I'm a big fraidy cat. But it was a strange new place and I already saw another cat there! What if he didn't like me? Over the next week, Mommie was very patient with me. She brought food to my hiding spot and a litter box, too. She kept the big kitty (Kaleb) away from me for a few days because I was so nervous. After a week or two, though, I started coming out of my hiding room to get my food and even sniffed around my brudder. He wasn't so bad after all.

But then I got sick. At first it was just the sneezies so Mommie didn't think much about it. Then I got sick eyes, plus the sniffies, plus really hot ears. So Mommie took me to the doctor where I got some nasty medicines. I know it was for my own good but the medicine tasted so bad. They had a hard time giving it to me. After that, I was kinda mad at them for making me open my mouth to take the medicines so I started hiding again. Eventually, I got better though, and was nice to them again.

It took a while but eventually I came to love my parents. I still don't like to be held up high, though, it's so scary! They are tall and I am little and what if they drop me? But if Mommie or Daddie are sitting down, I will crawl into their laps sometimes. I just don't like being held while they are standing. I also like to sleep with them. I snuggle between their legs and sleep and sleep. Mommie tosses around a lot more than Daddie does but I've learned how to keep up with her tossing and turning. Mommie works from home and I follow her wherever she goes. I like to watch her cook or wash the dishes. I just don't like the vacuum cleaner. It's too noisy and I don't like noisy things. I also hide when kids come to visit. I know they are small but they are just so loud. So I wait until the little hoomans fall asleep then I will come out to snuggle with them while they are quiet and go hide when they wake up. That is another reason why Mommie calls me her little 'Fraidy Cat or Scaredy Cat.

Ok, I'll let Teal'c tell you about himself now. Don't believe any mean things he says about me. I know he thinks I gave him a hard time when he got here, but it was just tuff luvs. We get along better now.